Frequently Asked Questions

1Will I go orange or discolour?
No, we have developed the A, B & C method for different skin tones. Using the correct colour will ensure that you will not discolour.
2Can I use it in my pregnancy?
We don’t advise using self-tan in your 1st trimester. After your 1st trimester wear a mask while applying/ getting a spray tan to avoid inhaling any fumes. Also, remember that your hormones differ in your pregnancy so the final colour may differ to when you were not pregnant.
3What areas of my body should I barrier before applying self-tan?
Fingernails & toenails Side skirtings of your feet Inside of your palms Elbows Knees
4How to remove tan?
You can remove tan by doing the following: Exfoliating Immersed in water for a long period of time – bath or pool Lemon juice
5Will it make me streaky?
Everything has got to do with the application if you apply properly and evenly your tan should be perfect.
6How soon after may I bathe?
8 hours after being tanned.
7How long does my tan last?
Up to a week.
8Where to purchase self-tan?
Selected pharmacies, Dis-Chem stores, clicks, take a lot and Zando.
9How many applications can I get out of a bottle?
200ml bottle: 1 to 2 applications. 1L bottle: 7 to 10 applications.
10Is it suitable for African skin?
Yes, Caribbeantan evens out any skin colour and leaves it with a beautiful glow.